zebra skin, zebra hides, Zebra rug

Zebra skins, zebra skin

Decorate your interior with a beautiful zebra skin

Nice accents in your living room and bedroom, can be created with the zebra skins of De Jong Interieur!
For the real nature lovers we have beautiful animal skins to stylishly decorate a living room or bedroom. Zebra skins are just a small part of our animal skin collection. We also have polar bear-, cow- and sheep rugs.

We have a big variety poufs and loveseats upholstered with animal skins are very nice for in the living room. They feel extra soft and offer excellent comfort. Also nice at the bar or at a wooden table are our deer antler stools. Also remarkable are our storage chests covered with animal skins. You can store many items in these trendy chests. With lighting from a deer antler chandelier you create a perfect ambience for a chat and a cup of coffee.

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