We have a big collection of beautiful wildlife taxidermy

Wildlife taxidermy/stuffed animals

We have a very extensive collection of professional and exclusive wildlife taxidermy!

The wildlife taxidermy collection from Hunting-Trophies.com is a very big collection of stuffed animals and stuffed birds. 
In our exclusive and extensive collection you will find European and African animals, in aggressive postures with lurking eyes and fearsome teeth. Our European collection consists of stuffed farm animals, stuffed hares, stuffed bull, stuffed fox and stuffed mouflon.
The African collection includes a stuffed lion, stuffed polar bear, stuffed roebuck and stuffed giraffe. We do not only have Fullmounts we also sell shouldermounts. This stuffed heads can easily be mounted on the wall. Hunting-Trophies.com is the trendsetter in modern living with a wildlife look. For example, we have a wide range of carpets of various animal skins, furniture and antler chandeliers . Specially for the decoration of your interior we have unique and beautiful mirrors and decanters.

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