Taxidermy bird, stuffed bird taxidermy sale

Stuffed bird 

A stuffed bird from is an eyecatcher for your interior. We have lots of taxidermy, as taxidermy birds but also other taxidermy. Our stuffed birds are fully legal and, if necessary, our stuffed birds have a legal base ring or the required papers If necessary.

Besides stuffed birds we have more stuffed animals. Think of a stuffed deer, and stuffed zebra. But even a stuffed fish or mouflon is possible. Visit our website for our range of stuffed birds including stuffed parrot, stuffed flamingo, stuffed duck, stuffed chicken, stuffed rooster, stuffed pheasant, stuffed parrot, stuffed pigeon, stuffed crow, stuffed partridge, stuffed falcon. Taxidermy is our specialty.

Ask what stuffed animals we can arrange for you.  All off course entirely legal.

See also our further range: antler furniture, cowhide furniture, cowhides, country furniture, lamps, antler chandeliers  and a lot of other nteresting items.

Our stock changes constantly.

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