Stuffed zebra heads. Zebra shoulder mount, zebra head for sale

Stuffed zebra/ Stuffed zebra head.

The fantasy to decorate your home in a natural way will become a reality if you choose the mounted zebra head from!
We have a wide range of exclusive and professionally mounted zebra heads. In addition to a Stuffed zebra head, we also offer complete stuffed zebras. The zebra can be prepared in any desired position.

The stuffed zebra, zebra head collection of

In our exclusive and extensive collection you will find European and African animals in aggressive poses with glaring eyes and fearsome teeth. Our European collection includes grizzly bears, hares, bulls, foxes and mouflons. In the foreign collection you will find the lion, polar bears, tigers and giraffes. You will find not only the complete animals with us, but also the mounted heads. These heads can be attached to the wall quickly and easily.Are you interested in our mounted zebras or one of our antler products, then please contact us and ask about the possibilities.

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