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Stuffed animals / Taxidermy


Are you looking for beautiful stuffed animals then Hunting is the place where you need to be.
We have a large collection of stuffed animals. We are specialized in the design of special interiors. Our range of stuffed animals is very diverse. We have exotic animals such as the lion and the impala but also an extensive range of ungulates. Furthermore, we have also mounted wild boar, wild sheep, pheasants and stuffed bears. In our wide range we also have antler chandeliers and antler lamps, animal skins and tables made from tree roots. The antler lamps and antler chandeliers that we have in our interior design collection, are made of fallow – and red deer antlers. Our antler lamps are on natural and uniquely finished and are available in different sizes. Would you take a look at our stuffed animals collection or you just want some more information? Take a look at our website or feel free to call at the phone number 06 14132062. De Jachtkamer is very special stuffed animals. Our stuffed animals you'll find nowhere else in the world. If you are looking for then come look at us a nice stuffed animal or stuffed bird. You will be amazed when you see the stuffed animals. Our stuffed animals come hoofdzakleijk and zoos and died a natural death. Or sometimes the animals are eaten and the skin and the horns we will make a beautiful stuffed animal. Or a beautiful tanned animal skin which are very nice soft

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