furniture made of deer antlers

A class of its own
De Jachtkamer has exclusive furniture to decorate home and office interiors. Skins and antlers from different animals make our collection of rural interior decorations timeless and different. An antler sofa from De Jong Interior fits in almost any interior and is easily combined with other furniture.
The antler sofa is a real eyecatcher
De Jachtkamer has the finest furniture from antlers shed by fallow deer and red deer. An antler sofa is a real eyecatcher, no matter where you place it. Antlers are used to produce the sofa as well as

De Jachtkamer has a wide range of gorgeous animal skins and mounted heads. Depending on your style and taste you can choose for European or African animals.

The latest developments
Viewing our antler sofas is only possible with an appointment. Because we frequently visit national and international fairs, we are always aware of the latest developments in home decorations and furniture made from fallow deer and red deer antlers.

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