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Hunting trophies

Hunting trophies as a unique wall decoration at De Jachtkamer.

The eyecatcher on the wall
Do you want to decorate your office or living room with hunting trophies? Then De Jachtkamer is your designated address. We are always looking for antique decorations and furniture for in and around your home. We offer you a wide range of unique wall decorations for a classic style.

A wide range
De Jachtkamer has an extensive collection of hunting trophies. The collection is very diverse. You can find hunting trophies for anything ranging from predators to hooved animals. We have both African and European wild animals in our collection. Choose the best of our many hunting trophies for your interior. Among other things, we offer wild boar, mouflons, pheasants and bears.

Your classic interior specialist
De Jachtkamer has everything for an interior decoration of your entire home. In our online catalog, a large part of our collection can be seen. In addition to the various hunting trophies to place on your wall, we have many other special interior decorations in different categories, like:


·         Animal skins;

·         Lighting;

·         Antique chests;

·         Antler lamps;

·         Rural decorations;

·         Decorations;

·         Furniture for seating and living.

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