Cowhide chairs, beautiful cowhide products

Cowhide chairs

Cowhide chairs give your interior that special touch. 

For trendy cowhide chairs
De Jong Interieur is the address for unique and trendy interior decorations. 
The cowhide chairs from De Jong Interieur are real eyecatchers in your home or office. 

Well-maintained cowhide

Cowhide chairs of De Jong Interieur are extra soft and feel very comfortable. The cowhide is professionally maintained, so the hide offers a very pleasant feel. The cowhide chairs are sturdy and robust due to the use of high quality wood. 
We have a lot of different models cowhide chairs. A cowhide Chair can be custom made for you. You can choose for example between a grey cowhide, a fully black or brown skin or a colorful skin in brown or black, there are a lot of features. 

The hunt for an interior

At De Jong Interieur, we are regularly on the hunt for additions to our collection. We select the finest furniture and home decoration items specially for you. Our unique collection can only be viewed by appointment. On our website, you will find an up-to-date overview of our collection.
Our interior decoration collection includes skins and antlers of various animals. The animal skins and the antlers are 100% genuine. 



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