Beautiful fullmount fox

Mounted fox

De Jachtkamer

With a beautiful mounted fox in your living room you create a natural and adventurous atmosphere in your home!  De Jachtkamer sells, among other things, wonderful and exclusive mounted foxes.  In our collection we have a mounted fox sitting on a log with a hunting rifle. We also offer a fox head, which you can attach to your wall quickly and easily. The head of the European wild bull, the red deer, the wild boar and the mouflon are also available. We also sell exclusive heads of African wild animals, such as the oryx, the blesbok and the gnu.  For all your questions and/or comments, please send an email to Of course, you can.

We regularly beautiful stuffed foxes in our showroom. If we have a perfect stuffed fox we offer for sale to the stuffed fox. If you have a dead fox over the Jachtkamer can follow this set up. Also, a fox head belongs to the possibilities. In Jachtkamer you'll find many artieklen for the establishment of a men's room, country-style decor or a Hunting Room. Think of furniture made of antler, antler lamps, antler lamps, antler furniture, antlers, animal skins, stuffed peacocks, stuffed swan, stuffed zebras, deer heads, etc.

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