Beautiful deer antler chandelier,

For a country-style décor of your home, country cottage or chalet, de Jachtkamer is the right choice. Our country furniture and accessories look great in in every Interior.  Think of our bank made ​​of antler chair made of antlers, stools made ​​of antler, chandeliers made ​​from antlers, lamps made ​​from antler, antler lamps, antler chandeliers, Banks made ​​of cowhide, armchair made ​​from cow skin, chair of cowhide, cow hides, cowhide, sheepskin, goatskin, reindeer skins, reindeer skins.

We also provide total design for your home. Inquire about the possibilities. Besides rural interiors, our furniture, chandeliers, animal skins etc also very beautiful in a modern interior. Think of a beautiful chandelier of antlers above a rustic wooden table.

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