Antler furniture

De Jachtkamer

We have exclusive antler furniture as well as teak furniture. De Jong Interior is specialized in interior decorations made of various animal skins and antlers. Because we frequently visit national and international fairs, we are always aware of the latest developments in home decorations and furniture made from fallow deer and red deer antlers. Our antler furniture is cool and stylish in your living room and gives the room a wildlife appearance. To complete your interior in an intimate manner, you can choose for one of our antler lamps or chandeliers. Your coats and hats can be neatly hung on the antler coatstand. De Jong Interior has a wide range of beautiful animal skins and mounted heads. Depending on your style and taste, you can choose for European or African animals. Do you want more information about our beautiful furniture or about our various decorations?

de Jong Interieur
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